Creating Tech and Cyber Game Plans for Your Business


* Tech Driving Value

* Cybersecurity Protecting Assets

* Create Repeatable Business Systems

Worth Discussing Your Tech Future?

The evolving tech landscape is a double-edged sword. It offers opportunities. It also presents challenges. Leaving businesses like yours struggling to keep up. Inefficient technology is a silent growth obstacle. 

These obstacles will lead to wasted energy. Causing increasing irritation among employees, and missed opportunities. Outdated practices have their consequences. Customer delight drops, and exposure to cyber risks. It’s a race where falling behind can be costly.

With our Virtual CIO program, we ensure you’re always planning for the future. We guide your business to thrive and adapt in the modern digital age. Our Virtual CIO service delves into the heart of your operations. We ensure your technology is aligning with your mission. You are maximizing efficiency and unlocking growth avenues. Our Virtual CIO program provides a sweeping cybersecurity evaluation. We craft robust tech strategies that safeguard your business and optimize operations.

Tech Planning

An extensive evaluation of your current technology landscape, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your business goals.

Cybersecurity Blueprint

In-depth cybersecurity assessment and recommendations, bolstering your defenses against modern threats

Business Growth Opportunities

Identification and analysis of tech-driven opportunities tailored to your business, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition.



“John has always been an exceptional industry partner with a clear command of information technology, running the spectrum from policy to implementation. He brings both complementary and force-multiplying skills to every initiative we’ve undertaken. A true asset and go-to teammate.”

Michael Ferritto

“I have had the privilege of knowing and working with John Barker for 17 years.  His business solutions are both thoughtful and practical.  He is a life learner, so I know when I work with John, I am getting the latest thinking across the industry of thought leaders. His tools and templates have provided me with realistic and practical prompts to get started on various projects.”

Cara Parker

“I was ready to expand my business and needed a more robust, technically advanced accounting system. John not only successfully help me navigate the tech but assisted with the business side. My accountant was 99% certain a fully licensed CPA had assisted me. Clearly John is my go-to person for business consulting ”

Sterling Edwards

“The strategies and tactics John gives are always on point. The technology info and connections John has, allowed us to make a quick go/no-go decision on key directions of the business. Don’t hesitate to trust his expertise in all things business and technology related”

Rialand Jones

“I have had the privilege of working with John on and off for the last couple of years. I have found his guidance to be priceless both professionally and personally. This guy is the real deal and no matter the project, he is someone that brings value and perspective that changes the game for the better. You are not going to regret engaging with him”

Justin Holroyd

“John Barker is an expert in his field. He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to technology, and he’s able to convey that to the general public in a way that is entertaining and educational. He is a natural leader who is not afraid to speak his mind and has an innate ability to motivate those around him.”

Jeff Say

John has been our vCIO resource for over 8 years now.  As the lead accountant for a prominent family in N.VA worth multiple 9 figures it is important to have someone like John that not only understands the technology and security needed to protect our assets but also the business side.


Amy Roberts


Here are the Tech Advisory Services Details

  • Clearly Define Your Business Mission

  • Define Key Metrics

  • Clarify Decision-Making Process

  • Evaluate Accrued Technical Debt

  • Network Documentation Review

  • Cross Functional Opportunities

  • System Security Plan Review

  • Digital Risk Assessment

  • Regulatory Compliance Determination

  • Prioritization of Opportunities and Risk

  • Develop Standard Operating Procedures for Common Tasks

  • Develop Project Management Frameworks

  • Staff Training and Development Review

  • Transfer Business Skills to Technical Staff

  • One to One Consulting

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does a Virtual CIO do?

A Virtual CIO provides strategic IT leadership and guidance to businesses, helping them align technology with their business goals. 

How is a Virtual CIO different from an in-house CIO or IT manager?

While an in-house CIO is a full-time employee, a Virtual CIO offers similar strategic expertise on a part-time or contract basis. This provides flexibility and cost savings for businesses that may not require or cannot afford a full-time CIO.

How does the Virtual CIO engagement work? Is it a long-term commitment?

Our program is 6 months long.  We feel that a 6-month engagement is the minimum necessary time to set your company on the right path. 

There are options for continued support at the end of the engagement.

Will you work with our existing IT team?

Absolutely! We typically collaborate with the existing IT team (and other senior leaders), providing strategic guidance while the in-house team handles day-to-day operations. The goal is to transfer as much knowledge so your technical team can think in business terms by the end of the engagement.

What is the Ideal Client that Your Work With?

I work with service-based companies with a minimum of 8 figures in revenue.

Is Your Consulting Onsite or Virtual?

The work is a virtual arrangement.  I will come onsite with additional travel fees.

Do you Guarantee Your Work?

I have a 30-day money-back, zero-questions-asked policy for clients that pay in full upfront.

Can We Get Together and Meet First?

We must.  Sign up and fill out the survey form HERE.

We setup a virtual meeting.

How Much Does Your Service Cost?

The 6-month package costs $100,000.


Your Business Vision, Amplified with Tech Expertise

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