Meet John Barker


I have over 25 years of consulting experience. I’ve worked in a variety of industries. Manufacturing, education, aviation, government contracting, legal, & medical.

I’ve worked with billionaires. I’ve worked with start-ups.

I write technology columns for local news outlets. I volunteer at local and national general technology and cybersecurity initiatives.

Every business has untapped tech potential to drive more value. For your staff and clients.

The most successful technology initiatives are where everyone is working together. Aiming at the same goal.

You have an obligation to ensure your tech environment is safe and secure. Your clients trust you are doing the right thing. Together we’ll make sure.

You can find me working out in my home gym, or hanging out with his wife Erin, dog Rocket, or cats ( Dash, Nibbler, and Trip).

About Virtual CIO Agency

Picture a future where your business goals and technology are in sync. With me as your Virtual Chief Information Officer, that’s the reality. I’m not only a consultant; I’m your strategy navigator. I help align tech with your dreams, secure you from cyber threats, and unlock the power of innovation. To make you stand apart. Say hello to streamlined operations, data-driven insights, and an empowered team. As you grow, I help ensure seamless scaling, giving you a confident edge. Embrace a future fueled by technology.