The Breadth & Depth of Experience

“Welcome to my portfolio! Here, you’ll find a selection of my best work, showcasing my skills and experience in the technical strategy industry.  From complete overhauls for streamlining all existing business operations to strategic workflows on new initiatives, each piece in my portfolio represents a unique challenge and opportunity for me to flex my creative muscles and deliver results for my clients. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished so far, and I’m excited to continue pushing my limits and exploring new possibilities in my work. Take a look around and see for yourself what I can do!”

Ticketing System

Overhaul of DoD customer support system for 500,000 global users.  Increase efficiency, reduce response time, and standardize responses

Business Overhaul

A 9-figure horse training organization was having issues with the technology implemented and proper cybersecurity.  Gambling was a main driver for the organization.

They need a full evaluation:  workflows, process and procedures, and technology.

New Broadband Workflow

A technological non-profit has been tasked with assisting localities with expanding rural broadband.

They wanted to expand their support in helping localities get out of the gate with actual implementation.

Project Management

Create project plans for new technology initiatives and bids for future work, including but not limited to Federal Gov’t bids, Grants, corporate email conversions, corporate financial system conversions, etc.


Assist numerous organizations with reviewing Cybersecurity frameworks such as NIST CSF, NIST 800-53, NIST 800-171, HIPAA, etc.

Create reasonable plans that are business aligned to create a more secure environment. 




Authored numerous expert columns on trending technology topics to public news outlets.

Contributed to the industry in question re-writes and review for Gold Standard Cybersecurity certifications.

Assist in aligning common threat frameworks to emerging situations for military and government use.

For teams in the 7-9 Figures

What makes a successful technology initiative?

Not all tech projects are the same.  And successful implementation leaves clues.  Here are some of them!

Clearly defined objectives and outcomes

Every person involved with the new project knows the benefit of the new initiative and is its champion to everyone affected but not involved.

Leadership lets Version 1 of the initiative reach conclusion without monkeying with the requirements midstream.

Clear Communication

Everyone one involved with a new initiative is fully aware of their responsibilities and timelines.

The moment an issue arises its communicated to prevent delay. 

Regular communication frequency is established that is not too much or too little, but just right!

Avoid Whiplash

Knee jerk reactions to issues and widely changing variables, such as timelines, demoralize a team.  Avoid at all cost.

Cyber Security

Cyber security is of predominant importance as we dive deeper into the A.I digital age.  Most cyber incidents are lack of good technical procedures for your own team.

Every project will be viewed through a cyber security lens whether specifically a cyber project or not.